Our Quality Policy


To provide the high quality to our customers  as soon they require our support with the help of our strong solution partners and our competent laboring profile ;  to serve our them  perfectly when they join to our family ; to execute  all of the projects in the first time , in the right way and right on time . 

We care ;

  • To be a reliable company,
  • To present the high quality products for our customers,
  • Never to compromise from our  quality level,
  • To provide special solutions to our customers,
  • To comply our customers’ requirements on time , as requested.
  • To support the country’s export with our projects,
  • To be a profitable , efficient and active company ,
  • To follow the highest technology and continously to  get benefit of this in our products and services,
  • The training of our associates.

Our Vision

To provide high technology , high efficient ,quality products and services , the quality in all of the areas where the stainless steel is used and to be the most preferred company in our sector by being the most reliable partners of our customers.  


  • High quality
  • Reliability
  • Diligence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsibility
  • The innovative mindset and to be open to new information
  • Tranquility and accordance within the company
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